Solar energy  for emergency power backup Madurai
Solar Street Lights

With the power of sunlight, light will be available without electricity throughout the night. This light works on dusk to dawn model. When the sun rays touches the panel, the lamp turns of automatically. This lamp can be used in the garden, farm houses, streets, house and farms. It can be set up to 20 feet in height.

Smart solar street light

It has no manual on/off required(fully automatic),no maintenance required(lithium -ion battery),long life of product, long battery life 3 to 4 years, easy installation, long installation distance between two lights(up to 15 meter), motions sensor-uses energy as required ,up to 2 days autonomy

Solar energy  for disaster recovery Madurai
Solar energy  for sustainable development Madurai
Fancy Solar street light

Off-grid systems are best suited for homes and small offices. They use battery banks, which are charged by the solar energy produced by the panels. Optimum capacity for, off grid solutions that we recommend is 1KW as 10KW. This helps decrease or nullity uses, dependence on the grid.

Solar energy  for green buildings Madurai
Solar energy  for eco-friendly projects Madurai